What's in a name?

The adjective "sostanzioso" suggests: nourishing, substantial, rich, abundant & considerable. But it means far, far more than that...

In Italy, food is a celebration of life and one could wax lyrical, write endless poetry and books about the meaning of sostanzioso! 

The Sostanza Philosophy

Based in Lakeside, Cape Town, Sostanza was founded with “togetherness” in mind… So whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, fun-loving family, cake-crazed or just someone looking to enjoy a nourishing meal in good company – our freshly baked cakes, pastries, delicious food and uniquely blended coffee will provide you with the perfect setting to celebrate together.

Taking life one cup at time...

We pride ourselves in the fact that we provide you with a 100% unique blend of delicious coffee - made from the freshest beans from around the world, including Colombia, Brazil, India and Africa - an unforgettable taste that will have you coming back for more!

Go on... espresso yourself...

Customer Reviews

"A great location, delicious coffee and the food is always great... two thumbs up!" -- Ashton, Lakeside

"Absolutely the best place to have breakfast or any meal, croissants and cappuccino are the best in town. Awesome service too." --Debbie

Old Bakery Centre, Main Road Lakeside, Cape Town, Western Cape | 021 788 2415